Re: thoughts on domes and markets

And why wouldn't a boxy house be as 3D ?

Michael Rowland wrote:

> j.w. rich writes:
> > Whether this has become a genetic trait I'm not sure
> > of - I think it is about acquiring knowledge and our
> > ability to apply that knowledge. Look at how the
> > castles of Europe changed as a result of the knowledge
> > the Crusaders returned with. As our knowledge of maths,
> > materials, design, techniques etc. grows, then our
> > ability to visualise in three dimensions will
> > develop and so too will the buildings we build.
> Now, there's an interesting thought. As the ability to visualize in 3D
> grows, so might appreciation -- even preference -- for domes. That means
> that a generation of kids who grow up using 3D modeling software and
> building Edmund Scientific kits and zooming around on skateboards might
> show a predilection toward domes.
> And, I admit, I find the idea attractive (even if semantically redundant)
> to refer to a dome as a "3D house."
> jmr

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