Re(2): thoughts on domes and markets

I wrote:
> And, I admit, I find the idea attractive (even if
> semantically redundant) to refer to a dome as a "3D house."

...and Ron Stevens replied:

> And why wouldn't a boxy house be as 3D ?

Well, obviously both kinds of houses are three dimensional objects (or
what we conventionally refer to as three dimensions; in thinking about
structures as systems, Bucky spoke of them as being 4D). I was riffing on
John's suggestion that the kind of space that domes enclose might be more
conducive to visualizing in 3D, instead of using the x,y,z 90-degree
coordinate system as a sort of crutch. (I realize that what John was
saying was that, as our cultural meme evolves to include more 3D
conceptualization, domes would tend to look less strange to people.) 

I was hoping that my oxymoron would carry additional meaning just by
virtue of the fact that it's an obvious oxymoron. By calling a dome a "3D
house," I was drawing attention to those aspects of boxy houses that make
them seem like merely collections of flat objects instead of a
visualization of space. John's post made me realize that, in most box
houses (including the one I'm living in now), I don't get much of a
feeling of the space it encloses. (Frank Lloyd Wright's houses would be
exceptions to this, at least for me.) Most box houses seem to enclose or
divide space without ever really defining it or communicating a sense of
it ... without awakening a spatial response in the viewer. 

Bo mentioned a sculptural aspect of house design. I think this is what
sculpture does: provoke a spatial response. I think that's what Bucky's
structures and Frank Lloyd Wright's designs have most in common. (Maybe
the only thing they have in common.)

This discussion also reminds me of peoples' remarks in the recent
(ongoing) CAD software and modeling thread on the DomeHome List. For some
reason, people seem to really WANT a 3-dimensional visualization of their
dome houses, as if they really want to think of them as vectors instead of
planes divided up by lines as in flat floor plans and elevations.

I also realize that this is getting pretty abstract, for the DomeSteading
list... but it all goes back to the discussion of "Why aren't domes more
popular?" and "What do we do to remove mental barriers...?"


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