Re: thoughts on domes and markets

Kirby wrote:
>Anyway, what's the point of trying to retroactively
>supply geodesic domes with an ethnographical pedegree?

'Seems the suggestion was to employ more sculptural talent to the unpopular
dome  market setting. I'd agree, let's not steal ethnic names like "Apache"
to sell a Bauhouse feeling,angular geodesic. Can we hope there has been no
serious confusion over the term "Dome", which need not necessarily mean

Chances are the panacea house of the future will be like "aerospace sector
Fly's Eyes". No doubt Kirby, you will deserve credit for keeping the vision
alive, complete with some academic plans to get there. I felt i was helping
by living in a translucent dome, another spaced out idea. Surprisingly
enough, some neighbors in view of it for 20 years have no clue about it's
translucency  or greenhouse potential. (Referring to my home: That reality was perhaps too
futuristic for their internal, ethnic mind sets. Therefore, after living
this invisibility for 2 decades, i conclude that a prosperous market flare
would include visibly diverse styles, not just the industrial geodesic
style per se.

Please realize that sculptors might style a curvilinear home very
convincingly with appearances others might not presently imagine. Clever
entrepreneurs would carefully avoid class identification of any cultic
sort. Prospective buyers may simply turn off to any hint of a cult feeling
around domes. Compound curves of the dome may be employed infinitely going
way beyond a single sphere of influence.

Here is another example of dome diversity (scroll to bottom when you
bo atkinson

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