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<< For some
 reason, people seem to really WANT a 3-dimensional visualization of their
 dome houses, as if they really want to think of them as vectors instead of
 planes divided up by lines as in flat floor plans and elevations. >>

       They probably not only want a 3D visualization, but they want a
complete energy efficient, low cost earth friendly design.  One that is simple
enough to build for anyone with patients, perserverence, and the will to get
out of their couch.
       For people with windows 95+ software, I have included a  gif file of a
3D low cost light weight high strength dome which has currently cost me around
$5800 to build.  It is only a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, but it includes a 100' of
buried air intake temperature moderator pipe, a salvaged passive solar
collector system, insulated concrete floor with cross-linked polethylene pipe
for a radiant heat floor system, insulated doors and windows, insulated
perimeter with earth contact features. Also included is a buried catch drain
system which can be tied in with a cistern.   This 3D visualization was done
with AutoCad12, using an extraction tool, which is a solids making tool,
taking the drawing from a wire frame into a solid environment, whereas the
fabricator can obtain all the required cutting charts for the individual
members, as well as for allowing a walk through environment for anyone having
the required software, when having the orignal dwg file.

<A HREF="";>
24' Diameter Geodesic House</A>  

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