Re(2): Chinese statuary (was: Re: thoughts on domes and markets)

Kirby writes:
> That's pretty much the image I was thinking of (good find!).  
> To me, the sphere's 3-way weave pattern does indeed appear 
> geodesic. That looks like a pentagon over by the left toe 
> (mostly we see omnitriangulated hexagons).

It looks to me like a cross-hatching of two sets of parallels of latitude,
resulting in diamond-shaped cells, with only one great circle in each set.
But I can't really tell.

Probably of more relevance to the Domesteading List are the round temples
and pagodas, like the Pagoda Temple in the Forbidden City. The walls don't
really look like a cylinder, but I can never be sure if this is just
because of the camera angle. The roofs look sort of like inside-out domes
(not inverted). I bet they transmit forces in a manner similar to a dome.

There is a class of pavillion-style architecture with open walls that can
have anywhere from 4 to 8 sides. Particularly, there are some lotus-styled
pavillions based on a 5-fold symmetry. I'd love to see some photos of the
interior of the roofs, to see if they are supported by trusses, and if so,
how much the truss arrangement resembles an icosahedral geodesic.


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