Re: thoughts on domes and markets

>I was on the homestead list for about a week seeing if there was some
>construction/home/dome issues being raised over there, but I
>unfortunately never saw one of his posts. 

Well, he hasn't been on lately due to computer malfunction, but 
hopefully we will have him back soon.

> I'd be happy to counter any such posts if you would be so
> good as to forward them to me.  I just couldn't justify the
> time spent sorting through the sheep and tree pruning
> discussions with no dome related issues being posted.  That
> list really puts the dome lists to shame in terms of activity.

Well, it is primarily homesteading issues rather than strictly dome 
stuff.  Actually I haven't seen much on this list to justify the 
"domesteading" title - is this list primarily for people who are trying 
to make homesteading a part of their dome-living lifestyles, or did I 
misunderstand the main thrust of the list?

Just wondering.

Holly ;-D

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