Re: Re(2): thoughts on domes and markets

> I wonder if that fellow would be as spleened-out about a
> "conventionally-built" house that just happened to have a
> mutually-symmetrical 5-vaulted, compositely-gambrelled roof
> and no internal load-bearing walls...?

He might be.  He is big on simplicity of design - he doesn't even like 
multi-story dwellings unless they are earth-bermed such that you can 
enter all levels from the ground somewhere.

But don't get me wrong, he is very knowledgeable and has given me lots 
of good info.  He just doesn't like domes.  He's over 70 years old, so I 
guess he's entitled to have whatever strong opinions he wants.  When I'm 
70, I hope I'm as sharp.

Holly ;-D

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