Re(2): thoughts on domes and markets

Nathan Burke writes:
> The other dome-related lists either have disappeared
> or are busy discussing (flaming) other issues.  I'm
> happy that there has been some discussion on this list
> lately, I was worried that it might disappear as well.

Discussion on the DomeHome List currently is about different CAD and
modelling programs that make designing domes easier, and how to lay out
foundations (water levels, transits, laser levels, what to do when errors
are made, different kinds of foundations....)

For those who don't know about us, take a look at our companion website:

You can take a look at some of the archives we've posted (the list is
incomplete; we're looking for one of our members to take over this task).

(There is NO flaming on the DomeHome List.)

(DomeHome Moderator)

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