Re: thoughts on domes and markets

>I knew that the list was not oriented specifically toward housing, I was
>just lurking to see if it ever came up.  I think that this list was
>started up to provide a forum for dome living discussion, which would
>include information about domes for homesteaders.  The other
>dome-related lists either have disappeared or are busy discussing
>(flaming) other issues.  I'm happy that there has been some discussion
>on this list lately, I was worried that it might disappear as well.
>Nathan Burke,
>Oregon Dome, Inc.

Yes, Nathan is correct.  Other dome-related lists going 
down in flames (am trying to contain fire -- I resigned 
from GEODESIC awhile ago, but the flame war continues 
to get cross-posted from my own Synergetics-L, which is 
also deteriorating).

I joined this list by invitation because of my interest 
in emergency shelter scenarios.  In emergencies, I expect 
help from the aerospace sector, hence my emphasis on the 
industrialized Bucky Works approach vs. a more homesteading 
"do it all yourself" approach.

Apologies if I've been off-topic.  Not much discussion 
anywhere on the internet of the kinds of scenarios I'm 
interested in, that I can find -- maybe Mark's Belize-
focused list will prove to have more overlap with my 

4D Solutions

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