Re(2): thoughts on domes and markets

Kirby Urner writes:
>Apologies if I've been off-topic.  Not much discussion 
>anywhere on the internet of the kinds of scenarios I'm 
>interested in, that I can find -- maybe Mark's Belize-
>focused list will prove to have more overlap with my 

Talk on the DomeHome List tends to be pretty wide-ranging, though there
has not been anything on there about emergency shelter. There is a lot of
alternative lifestyle and self-sufficiency talk. Mostly it's about
building techniques and financing... by and for people who want their
houses to be domes.

These are the only two dome lists I subscribe to. They tend to wax and
wane in sync, I've noticed -- that is, when this one is languishing, that
one is flourishing, and vice versa. At present, DomeHome is pretty quiet.


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