Re(3): thoughts on domes and markets

Bo Atkinson writes:
>Just had a look, pretty impressive!    Seems i missed a lot of opportunity
>to discuss concrete dome building and CAD. Look forward to seeing some of
>these recent post if you get a chance to archive them.  Hope you have
>software to save you the trouble of cut & pasting, (if such a software
>market exist),couldn't wish that task on anyone.

Yes, I did some of the existing archives manually, and I know exactly what
you mean. Providing archives is not something that Hoflin Publishing (the
owner of the list) wants to do. But they have passed along to us contact
info for an agent that provides this service for mail lists. So, either
they will do it for us, or one of our members will take it over.

Putting the past discussions into archive form is quite a bit of work;
adding current ones from the Digests, though, is not such a chore.

(And please feel free to subscribe and re-open any of the conversational
threads you find interesting -- ones that may not be covered on


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