Re: Re(2): thoughts on domes and markets

Well, I though that the DomeHome list had vanished, I guess I just
stopped getting stuff.  I'll have to resubscribe.

Michael Rowland wrote:
> Nathan Burke writes:
> > The other dome-related lists either have disappeared
> > or are busy discussing (flaming) other issues.  I'm
> > happy that there has been some discussion on this list
> > lately, I was worried that it might disappear as well.
> Discussion on the DomeHome List currently is about different CAD and
> modelling programs that make designing domes easier, and how to lay out
> foundations (water levels, transits, laser levels, what to do when errors
> are made, different kinds of foundations....)
> For those who don't know about us, take a look at our companion website:
> You can take a look at some of the archives we've posted (the list is
> incomplete; we're looking for one of our members to take over this task).
> (There is NO flaming on the DomeHome List.)
> jmr
> (DomeHome Moderator)


Nathan Burke,
Oregon Dome, Inc.

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