Re: Re(2): thoughts on domes and markets

I would certainly think that helping others would be the way to go and
spread the word (I do believe in what goes around comes around).  But I
have asked for this info in the past of others with no response.  Will send
you info private email.  And thank you.  Needless to say, when our dome
gets built the information will be yours.  I actually would like to
organize a "dome crawl" here in eastern Wisconsin for potential customers.
Am planning one for spring.  When closer to the time, I would also
literature from dome builders to make a "package" for dome tourers.
Hopefully, I can schedule the tour the same weekend a dome goes up for
those who would like to get involved.  Ingrid

At 10:47 AM 1/15/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>Why should I try to stop you?  The more domes that get built, the easier
>it is to sell them and get them financed.  I can fax said information to
>you or drop it in the mail.  I only ask that you let us add you to our
>dome database that we use to help appraisers in preparing the
>marketability report (we don't give out your full name or address, so
>that they don't try to contact you, we just offer up a list of domes
>that we know about, showing that domes are a viable living structure and
>that people do like to own them). 
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