Re: thoughts on domes and markets

> I saw a photo of a chicken coop on wheels used to range
> feed chickens.  I haven't been able to find that WEB site
> again.  Was that sight mentioned in your discussions, and
> if so, do you have the URL?

My bookmarks are nearly all on my personal 'puter which is still boxed 
up and in storage (we're behind on building projects here) so I can't 
give you an URL, but if you do a web search on "chicken tractor", 
"eggmobile", "Joel Salatin", or "Andy Lee" you should be able to find 
some links.  Most of us on the list are pretty favorably impressed with 
the chicken tractor idea.  There are a few who don't like it for one 
reason or another, though - one guy doesn't like 'em because you have to 
move them everyday and another semi-commercial egg producer doesn't like 
'em because the first ones she built didn't work very well - too heavy 
and she had a tendency to run over her chickens when she was moving 
them.  Well, any idea takes some tweaking . . .

I personally wouldn't use them for egg layers, although Joel Salatin has 
something called the Egg-mobile that he uses to produce eggs in 
commercial quantities - but he doesn't recommend using it for less than 
50 acres of pasture as egg-layers tend to have a homing instinct that's 
hard to break.  But I do intend to use some type of chicken tractor for 
my meat birds.

Try your search on - its a kind of meta-search 
utility that sends your query out to about 20 different search engines 
and lets you peruse the results of the megasearch at your leisure.

Hope this helps.

Holly ;-D

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