RE: Bank Papers: thoughts on domes and markets

I have a full page scanner and good OCR software. I'd
be happy to scan it for you, and post it to the list,
or just send it back to you as edited text.

HeyJim at Mad dot Scientist dot com
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I don't have a scanner, and don't feel like typing all
this in, but I
can tell you where in Fannie Mae's literature you can
find the
information about dome loans and how to get FannieMae
to accept deliver
of such.

In their document, Underwriting Guidelines, Property
and Appraisal
Analysis, in the section Reviewing the Appraisal
Report, Section 404.01
(page 755 in the report dated 1/1/94), you find a
paragraph that deals
with "non-traditional" structures.  It discusses the
need for an
appraisal, but states that that appraisal does not
necessarily require
that domes be used as comparables.  We supply
information that helps the
appraiser prove marketability, that the dome can be
successfully sold,
should the mortgage holder have to take back the

bo atkinson wrote:
> >..................... The more domes that get built,
the easier
> >it is to sell them and get them financed.  I can fax
said information to
> >you or drop it in the mail.  I only ask that you let
us add you to our
> >dome database that we.......
> >.............
> >--
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Nathan Burke,
> >Oregon Dome, Inc.
> >
> This sounds mutuallly beneficial for the community at
large, why not make
> it available by email? Seems to speak exactly to the
original post in the
> thread.
> bo atkinson


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