Introduction and Domes on HGTV.

I've been lurking and enjoying the lists for awhile and thought I'd say hello
and offer an introduction.  Unfortunately, the fiance and I live in a box
right now.  An income producing duplex box, but a box still.  My fiance first
saw an add for American Ingenuity domes in the back of a Mother Earth News
magazine about six years ago, and we sent away for info.  Although he fell in
love with them first, I'm the one who since then has dug up as much info. as
possible on domes, which as you know is fairly limited. (we really love the
book idea) 

Hopefully in the next three years or so we'll start building, mostly
(the fiance is a do-it-your-selfer).  The majority of our family members think
we're nuts 
(nothing new).  My fiance is studying architecture...they think that's why
we'll eventually change our minds and build a box.  Fat chance...we've both
fallen in love with the openness and many other advantages, including the
energy efficiency, and have not seen a box even come close to what we can
encorporate into a dome.  Plus the storms can get pretty wicked here in the
midwest so I love the fact that I'll feel alot safer once we live in our dome.
We're getting married in June and although I was hoping to have our dome
already built on a bunch of acres to get married on, we did find a beautiful
round barn at a 
hisorical site in our area that will hold our reception (Old World Wisconsin).

Well, enough about us... On to some (hopefully) useful dome information:

While searching the Home and Garden Channel web site the other day
( I came across some dome related shows that are coming up
soon.  I know how difficult it is to find tv specials on domes, so I thought
it may be of interest to the group.  

This is according to their web site schedule so hopefully it's current.

Dream Builders (Episode 311)--this one said it will feature monolithic domes
includes those from Omnishell based in SC. and Monolithic Institute based in
--no date/time posted yet...but I'll keep checking back every few days or so.

Dream Builders (Episode 304)--this one features geodesic domes from Timberline
Geodesics in CA. (possibly a re-run of the episode from a few months ago)
--Sunday, January 24.  7:30pm Eastern and they state that it may be re-run at
2:30am. Eastern (they decide if something else will be put in the re-run's
place at the last minute).

Extreme Homes (Episode 204)--states that it will feature geodesic domes.  
--Sunday January 24.  8:30pm. Eastern and it may be re-run at 11:30pm.

Extreme Homes (Episode 206)--states that it will feature geodesic domes,
different from the above show, but the explanation sounds similar in some
--Sunday February 7.  8:30pm. Eastern and it may be re-run at 11:30pm. Eastern

Extreme Homes (Episode 305)--features air-formed balloon houses (concrete)
--No time/date posted yet. 

Extreme Homes (Episode 105)--features underground homes--terradomes and a
space ship house
--No time/date posted yet.

I love both dome lists and look forward to the posts everyday.

Christine (Chris)


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