Re(2): No posts?

Bo Atkinson writes:

> I subscribed a couple of weeks ago but  got the
> wrong first line or something. If i try again,
> which of the following is the first line?
> Thanks
> bo atkinson
> >Subscribe DomeHome-H CGWEIAGYXG
> >
> >
> >Respond to this message to subscribe to the mailing list named:
> >
> >  DomeHome-H
> >
> >The response must include the first line of this message or the subject.

Well, it's a two-step process. First, you send this message:

     subscribe DomeHome-H this address: 

     requests at h19 dot hoflin dot com

Then, the listserver sends you a confirmation message to which you must
reply (this is the quoted text you show above). If it didn't work right
for you, it could be that the server objected to the ">" at the beginning
of the line? To make sure it appears correctly in your reply message,
instead of allowing your emailer to quote this text, copy it from the
server's message and paste it into your reply message... that way, the
line won't start with a quote bracket ("greater than" symbol). 

That "Subscribe DomeHome-H CGWEIAGYXG" is the key; it needs to appear
either in the subject of the message or in the message body on a line by
itself. (And, of course, the "CGWEIAGYXG" is a random letter sequence that
prevents 'net terrorists from signing you up for unwanted mail lists.)

Try that and see if it works for you.

jmr (for the DomeHome List)
(And, thanks, Domesteading, for the equal time.)

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