Hi all,

The last time I posted an idea for a design I think I started something
of an argument.  Building on that success I offer th following..

My wife and I just purchased a piece of property that used to be a turkey
farm.  We are in the process of clearing the land for farming (mostly of stones
there are no trees on this land at all).  While cleaning out the turkey house
we found we have dozens (if not hundreds) of old turkey feeders.  Now these things
are next to worthless as salvage as they are made of Galvanized steel and not 
very high grade steel at that.

BUT.  the bottem of each feeder looks very much like an inverted hat (round bottom
and fairly flared out "lip" at the top.  The winds on our property are pretty 
consistant.  So I got the idea of welding 6 or 8 of thse onto the edge of an old
bike tire frame, and mounting the whole thing in a frame that lets me use it for
a poor man's windmill for pumping water.  

Now, I know it won't pump much water, probably only a few pints a minute, but I
have enough stuff to make dozens of these if I want.

Does anyone have any designs or ideas that will make this more likely to work.

Assuming that this WONT work does anyone have any designs for more "standard"
windmills.  Having all that steel lying around (including a LOT of sheet steel) I 
am SURE a windmill could be coggled togeather with the right know how.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, yes I have gloves, tin-snips, bolt cutters, and 
an electrical arc welder to help make these "ideas" come to fruition.

Any ideas accepted..


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