A few more disasters...

>From this week's "Earthweek: A Diary of the Planet", (published in the
Santa Cruz Comic News, and apparently available (or contactable) by
mailing earth at slip dot net) 

	Powerful aftershocks continue to rumble across quake-ravaged
	western Columbia, but no significant additional damage was
	reported. The government reported that the death toll from
	last week's disaster had reached 938, with 4,117 people
	injured and 400,000 others left homeless.

	The third earthquake in as many days jolted southern Russia's
	Dagestan region, destroying about 80 homes and damaging
	thousands of others.

	Earth movements were also felt in southern Bolivia, eastern
	Spain, western Iran, eastern Japan and two points in China.

Somali Lion Attacks:
        At least four people were killed during an attack by lions at
        a refugee camp for famine victims in western Somalia. The
        attack occured in the village of El-Bardeh near the border
        with Ethiopia. The four victims were among the estimated 4,000
        people searching for food and water in the region. Last month,
        the World Health Organization reported that more than 700,000
        Somalis were affected by severe drought and food shortages in
        the south of the country brought on by the La Nina
        ocean-cooling phenonmenon. 

	And on a separate note, I saw something in the paper today
	that said that, as predicted (and right on schedule), the
	victims of Hurricate Mitch in Honduras and Central America are
	all suffering from the lack of clean water and sanitation
	systems. Apparently, disease is running rampant, and infection
	rates are high. 

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