Re: Some startling statistics...(Global Food Production)

-Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 08:01:11 -0500
-From: bo atkinson <bo at midcoast dot com>

-On the bright side, i would love to explore alternatives to or within
-agribusiness. IMHO, a variant of hydroponics was developed ages ago by some
-Pre American natives who farmed swamps by planting artificial islands. In
-memory of this, some, hybrid, partially hydroponic experiments seek to
-include ecosystems with ponds and plumbing to convey nutrients. Leaving
-soil out of the picture reduces valuable ecosystems. While i love this
-hybrid idea and have built the fish pond and down hill soil beds, other
-life concerns have made me a "hungry" job seeker. Attending to plant pests
-and weeds has been "impossible" for this sculptor/ inventor/ small town
-contractor. And earning my keep has always conflicted with the growing
-season. Any one want to co- work with alternative, creative  projects? I've
-got some  brain, brawn and  prototypes to offer.
-bo atkinson
	This sounds like aquaponics, which is something I've been
	interested in for years. Indeed, just this past weekend I
	bought a large oak barrel to serve as my "fish pond" which
	will provide nutrient flow to the hydroponic trays that wend
	their way through my geodesic greenhouse. With luck, the right
	balance will be struck, and the fish will provide nutrients
	for the plants, while the plants clean the water for the
	fish. (And the humans get to eat the veggies from the plants!
	:-)  )

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