Dome Raisings, Books, and Linda Boothe

Dear Folks,

Once again, I've been lax in announcing dome raisings this year. 
However, I've got a whole stack of them scheduled for November-March, so
it's time to see which hearty souls are ready to brave the chills (there
are a few warm weather locations, but not many) and see some dome
action.  I'm just going to list the locations here, dates and
instructions on how to get yourself invited are all listed on our
website at:

Here comes the list:

Washougal, WA
Cottage Grove, OR
Livermore, CO
Castle Valley, UT
Marysville, OH
Broadview Heights, OH
Zephyr Hills, FL
Valley View, OH
Pittsboro, NC
Asheville, NC
Thomasville, GA

There are a few others listed at the site, but these are further off at
the moment, and there are a few more yet to be announced.  If you don't
see anything near you here that you can make it to, check again in
another couple of weeks, when these "floating" raisings should start to
settle into a schedule.

Finally, for any who are interested, we've finally printed up the new
Design and Building Ideas book.  It's got quite a few new pictures and a
definitely new.  Details on ordering it are also available at the

Finally, I want to let everyone know that Linda Boothe, Oregon Dome's
President and Design Coordinator, is now hooked up to these various
lists.  Since I've got a few too many things on my personal plate at the
moment, she's going to step in and join the groups, contributing where
she can and deleting everything else.

To those who are concerned about this sort of thing, I'm sorry about the
cross-posting and the length and the "Oregon Dome News" orientation of
this post.  I'm just doing my housekeeping and should be done for a
while now.

Nathan Burke,
Oregon Dome, Inc.

E-mail:  oregon at domes dot com
Address:  3215 Meadow Lane, Eugene OR  97402
Fax:  (541) 689-9275
Phone:  (800) 572-8943 or (541) 689-3443

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