"Ecological Design - Inventing The Future" (Video)

I've just finished watching this video again, produced by Brian Danitz
& Chris Zelov. I've watched it about half-a-dozen times, and am
continually impressed with the comprehensive view, and extremely good
coverage it gives to different aspects of design, especially the focus
on finding solutions to humanity's problems.

This video is available through the Buckminster Fuller Institute
( http://www.bfi.org/ ) It details the work of several dozen
designers, architects, and planners, showing how they've arrived at
ways of devising shelters, food systems, water systems, solutions to
urban problems, etc. Many of them are folks we've discussed on these
various lists. Paolo Soleri, John Todd, Bucky (of course), Jay
Baldwin, Stewart Brand, and many others who's names are not as
familiar, but whose work is just as important.

The video has a book counterpart, entitled "Design Outlaws on the
Ecological Frontier", by Chris Zelov. I have a copy of this, and have
flipped through it, but haven't given it a proper read-through,
yet. What I've seen looks good, though.

I also just saw the video at the local RealGoods store, which opened
last Saturday in Los Gatos, CA ,about 15 miles from my house. (I don't
see it on their site, http://www.realgoods.com/ , but that doesn't
mean it's not there.) The new store is very cool, and I've already
begun to support their business heavily in the past 3 days :-). I got
lots of *dimmable* compact fluorescent lights, and a great Aladdin
oil-lamp which is about as bright as a 60W bulb (recommended to me by
John Atkins, and an incredible piece of tech...lights up the whole
dome). I also got their 1999 Product of the Year, which is a little
thermoelectric fan which sits on the woodstove, and genererates a
small wind current to distribute the heat around the house. It
generates electricity from the heat of the stove, and thus requires no
external electricity. This was very handy, as we had 4-5 hour power
outages on both Sat & Sun., leaving me lots of time to muse about
self-contained power systems, and enjoy the thermal-powered fan. :-)

Anyway, back to the video. Every time I watch this, I think of more
people I want to show it to and this time was no different. I came
away with 4-6 more friends I want to loan it to. I recommend that
everyone track down a copy to borrow, rent, or purchase. It summarized
the various problems we all face, and is a wonderful roadmap of where
I'd like to see the Reality Sculptors Project heading. 

I really cannot recommend this video enough. 

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