Re: 700,000 homeless in Europe this winter.

I decided not to pay them the entrance fee to give them my ideas, when they should be paying me if I have something that is valuable. The dome homes for emergency situations  I feel is extremely valuable. (Or, if they have the rescourses to rebuild Kosovo, why are they asking for an entrance skeptical side thinking). Yes it will be interesting to see what they will use. In the meantime people are freezing.

There is terrible disorganization to provide relief globally for these kinds of man made and natural disasters. I got a letter in the USAID mail about out how Turkey was getting the wrong kind of help- more doctors and clothes is not what they were needing; and disinformation about disease spreading. And just yesterday reading about how the Red Cross has been using AIDS-hepatitus tainted blood for years. (Bad Blood) A sad Big Picture.
My survival-dome web page has been up since Mitch in Honduras happened. We have contacted relief groups and embassies, state representatives etc. I hope to build some working models of the survival dome in the future; and hope someone in a governmental leadership position will  be willing to try it. So far only talk.
Ernie (Bilderburger group meeting) (depleted uranium used in Kosovo)
Linked here  (more right wing stuff).

The Butterfly wrote:

I was just listening to the BBC World Service tonight on my way home
from work. They mentioned how the snows have begun to come to Europe,
and between the Kosovo war, 2 earthquakes in Turkey, and several other
disasters, there are about 700,000 people currently without shelter in

Ken Turgen and I submitted a design for the Corrulite dome to the
Architecture for Humanity design contest in NYC back in September, but
unfortunately our design was not chosen as a finalist in the
competition. (There were 30 chosen for mention out of 205
submissions from numerous countries.) Their website is

Last time I checked (last week) there were listings of the finalists,
but they hadn't yet posted pictures of their submissions. I'm curious
to see what other solutions were proposed.

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