...Ahem... Is this thing on?

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To: salsbury at sculptors dot com
Subject: ...Ahem... Is this thing on? 
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Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 23:24:50 -0700
From: Patrick Salsbury <salsbury at bucky dot sculptors dot com>

Ok, I think the mailing lists are back online.

Due to a catastrophic disk failure and a subsequent flurry of activity, the
old Bucky server has been replaced with a new one. (Faster, too. :-)  ) 

Things have undergone (and are continuing to undergo) a massive
overhaul/upgrade, and the mailing lists seem to be functional again. (If
you get this message, it's all working, and you may re-post anything that
bounced recently.) 

People who are on multiple Sculptors mailing lists will get multiple copies
of this message. One from each list. Procmail has ways of eliminating
duplicate emails, if you use that system. If so, I'd be happy to show you
the lines needed to set it up. 

There are still some broken links on the website (I think the FAQ-O-Matic
is down, I'll be looking into that shortly), but for the most part, we're
back online. 

I'm really sorry about the outage.

Feel free to once-more talk amongst yourselves. :-) 


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