Re: New lists for kids & their teachers... Opinions sought.

Emilie said:
> Okay - I'm brainstorming
> "Stepping into the future"
> "Future Steps"
> "One Step Forward"
> "One Step Beyond"
> "My Thoughts To Reality"
> "Steps To Reality"
> "Steps into the Future"
> "Making My Thoughts Reality"
> "Dreams Come True"
> "Dreams To Reality"
> "Steps To Reality"
> "Stepping Into Reality"
> "Stepping Stones To Reality"
> "Plans For Reality"
> "Planning Reality"
      Some of these liked, and this one I *really* liked, but perhaps
that's because I'm already so fond of "Sculpting Reality" ;^)

> "Into Reality"
> "Encroaching Reality"
> "Broaching Reality"
> "Changing Reality"
      This is another one that's sort of to-the-point and forwardly

> Whoa! I seem to be on a "Reality" Kick.  But that's what "brainstorming" is
> all about. I think it should be about kids realizing that their thoughts
> count - and that what they think and what they express here, really counts.
> If you want them to express their ideas, then they should feel that they are
> contributing. And the title should convey that to them. What do you think?
> M:)M
> But, of course, I'm thinking about what the "kids" would think, not the
> teachers.

Yeah, these don't really jump out and say "kids" or "teachers" in
them (which of course means we can use 'em in other parts of the
Sculptors Project! ;^)  ). I'm still kind of mulling over the ideas. 

What do other folks think? Feedback is appreciated. 

What would have (or does) catch *your* eye, as a kid or adult? What
sorts of things would you have liked to join as a kid, or have your
kids get involved with?

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