Re: New lists for kids & their teachers... Opinions sought. ]

> I haven't been following this thread, but I get the idea you're brainstorming
> a descriptive name for 
> the new group. It would be good to have a name that readily conveys the targe
> t
> audience, and makes you want to take a closer look. It's a little long winded
> ,
> but how about Teachers 
> and Youth Sculpting the Future. I avoided the term "kids" because older
> students would think they 
> were above the target age group. I think the term "reality" is too "esoteric"
> for most people.
	That's definitely the target audience, and a good observation
about not distancing some of the students based on age. It at least
makes an excellent charter statement for the lists, although I agree
it'd be a bit much to type for a mailing list address. :-) 
        So, how do we condense that ideas?

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