Re: ball connection, and list archives


    Remember me? I'm the guy that you went off on about getting off this
list. Well I'm back. I did everything you said to get off the list and it
worked. But now within the last 2 weeks I have somehow been put back on the
list. It is nothing I have done. Can you forward me the directions as to how
to get off this list again. Thanks----Chris

If there is a web page that explains this you can just forward me that
address and I can go from their.
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Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 11:04 AM
Subject: Re: ball connection, and list archives

>> |> Check out these illustrations especially  under 'industrialization'
>> |>
>> |
>> |     These folks have some very nice modelling skills. I especially
>> |liked the atmospheric/fog effects on the Antarctic research station,
>> |although the design isn't terribly practical, since they have about 6
>> |small domes (lots of surface area) rather than one large one. Still,
>> |if they were insulated correctly (i.e. probably aerogels), they could
>> What is (are?) aerogel?  Where can I find more about that?
> I've added more to my Autonomous House page, at
> including some photos,
>explanations, and links to more info about aerogel materials.
>> |
>> |> And a question that's not in the FAQ-o-matic: are there list archives?
>> |> It'd be nice to see what's happened on the mailing lists thus far.
>> |> thanks
>> |> --Jim Morash
>> |>
>> |  Y'know, that one *IS* a FAQ, and I'm hoping to put an answer into
>> |the FAQ-O-Matic "Real Soon Now". Actually, very soon. Stacie, my
>> |girlfriend, has been testing an implementation that she's about to
>> |deploy which will make a HyperMail HTML-ized and cross-linked (at
>> |least within any one list) web version of the list archives, and is
>> |also going to put WebGlimpse in place to make it all searchable.
>> Can you tell anything about that implementation?  You are welcome to do
>> off-line.
> It's up and running, now, although HyperMail has been
>reporting some errors, so I have to look into why it's not archiving
>the latest posts. WebGlimpse is a search engine technology that's
>also available on the Net. Do a search for it, and you'll find it. We
>are still planning to roll out the search capabilities, but haven't
>devoted much time to it of late.

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