Re: Dome design

I know this has been mentioned before, but aerogel would be a
material of choice for opaque windows or frames. It approaches
the strength of steel and the lightness of air, is translucent,
has a high insulation value, insulates sound, and, if that's not
enough, it's a high energy storage capacitor. Colored aerogel can
be made as well as aerogels with other properties, such as
magnetic aerogel.

Check out this search link on AltaVista for info on aerogel in architecture:

Charles J Knight wrote:
> Here's my thought.
> An opaque frame with no "windows" per se.  Only translucent panels for
> admitting light.  Realistically, most houses have a lousy view...clear
> windows
> could be used to frame the view, and the rest could be used for general
> light.
> Picture a "frosted" looking white dome with translucent colored
> triangular
> panels available for windows.  This used to be done in "Four Seasons"
> windows in traditional houses, so it's based on a traditional design,
> though
> it also implies iMac type color options, which could become exterior
> design
> elements for their owners...not to mention a strong graphic element
> internally.
> Conversely, a "blueberry" or other funky colored dome, with translucent
> frosted "white" windows.  With the long strip arrangements of windows
> possible
> in a dome, this might be a very strong visual element, too, while not
> providing
> only colored light to the interior.
> What is the use of a *clear* window, when there is nothing to see?
> It might work...
>      -- Chuck Knight
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