Re: Staple-less staplers

Patrick Salsbury wrote:

> Ken Turgen showed me a very cool stapler he got last year.
> I think it's of Danish design. It doesn't use staples,
> but rather cuts a small "U" shaped notch in the papers,
> and bends them through the ensuing hole and folds
> underneath. It's very stylish. 

I have one that punches a pair of keyhole-shaped tabs out and folds them 
over. I've found that it works quite well if you punch both edges of a 
corner of the page(s). One punch doesn't seem to be enough.

> I've been focusing mainly on the external structural
> elements, to get people thinking in terms of a space pod/
> house you can pick up and move. I think that concept is
> pretty clear and firm for people viewing the pages, now. 
>	So the next step is to start working on interiors...

How about building a dome from the interiors out? Using spaceframe/octet 
truss to define areas within the dome interior (on different floors, 
even) that are seamless with the enclosing dome shell -- rather than 
building a shell and then figuring out how (or if) you divide the inside 
and support a second story.

My own interest in domes has always been about how to use the technology 
to build not just round or spherical houses, but shapes as diverse as 
John Rich's elliptical domes, or some of Wright's organic designs.


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