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> i would remove u if i could but i can not get myself remove from this
> stupid, damn list.  good luck........trisha
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> >remove
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Here is the info you need


To unsubscribe, send mail to domesteading-request at sculptors dot com and in
the Subject: of your letter (the body of the message is ignored) put the


The list will figure out your email address automatically.

You should receive a confirmation note in the mail when you have
been successfully removed.
You may want to save this file to forward on to people who are
interested, as it tells what the list is about, and how to subscribe and
You should definitely keep a copy for yourself. It's useful to have
a folder just for list subscription information, so you know how to remove
yourself from a list when your interest shifts elsewhere.
Chances are very good that requests for unsubscription will not be
seen for up to a week or more. Take responsibilty for yourself, or you may
end up waiting 2 weeks for the next posting of this how-to message. :-)

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   Those who succeed do so because they make things happen"

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