Re: Interiors

> I'd like a dome that was a complete Bucky Ball, the one facet facing down 
> would be a concrete pillar holding the whole ball maybe 10' off the ground 
> with a central stair case inside the support to take up inside the dome/ball 
> up through several layers of living space with the top layer being a large 
> living area with lots of sky lights and a cupola with lots of closable 
> screens to facilitate air circulation.
>                                                          Moon
	Sounds very cool. (And welcome to the list, Moon!)

	Reminds me of a dome I wanted to build while at the U. of 
Buffalo, NY. There's this great old cylindrical concrete water tower, 
across from the Main St. Campus. I thought it'd be great to build a sphere 
dome on top of it, and it would look like a giant golf ball on a tee. :-)  

	I also want to incorporate some sort of central pillar with a spiral 
staircase or elevator in the middle of the new dome. 

	I think the top-floor area with skylights and windows sounds like a 
great idea. Maybe an observatory place or atrium/greenhouse... 



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