Re: Dome rendering software, and new list topics.

On Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 01:09:18AM -0700, Patrick Salsbury wrote:

> 	Well, the "dome" program by Rick Bono outputs N-frequency geodesics to 
> POV, VRML, and DXF formats, as well as text data, and I think another format. 
> There are conversion tools from there, I think. The POV format allows for the 
> most detail (see the upper images on my Autonomous House page for examples) in 
  Ah, that does it. I had to tweak the source to build on my Debian Linux
box, but ya gotta love Open Source for this. :-) I can even import the 3D
dxf files into ACAD3D, which I'm slowly getting the hang of. I just wrote
a page on the Linux based CAD software I'm using, which is at: I'm trying to put as much
technical info as I can on my web site, as an aid to others.

> that it does cylindrical struts, spherical hubs, and translucent panels by 
> default. With DXF, you just get a bare shell shape, much like a cut gem, but 
> not really like a mechanical construct.

  What I wanted to do was add the shell to my existing 2D floor plans. It
looks like I'll import the 2D floor plans into ACAD3D, the 'Extrude" the 2D
objects into 3D shapes to scale. What I want to do is have a full 3D complete
walkthrough. This will enable me to visualize major changes in how I plan to
renovate things.

> 	BTW - What do folks here think about a "graphics" or 
> "graphics-workers" mailing list? We can take our graphics-related chatter 
> there, and share our files, info, etc., in a more focuses forum. 

  I guess it depends if this thread is done, or boring people to tears...
We're probably mostly done... It's been kindof nice to see a little traffic
on this list.

  Last night I put some pictures up on the web of my double domestead. If
anyone is interested, go to

	- rob -

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