Re: Free CAD (was Re: Staple-less staplers)

> > Personally, I find the Windows interface clunky, too...  That's 
> why I was
> > pleasantly surprised with the command-line interface in 
> IntelliCAD.  You 
> 	Ah, Chuck has just accurately described what it is that 
> makes Unix and 
> Linux such powerful systems. Welcome to the Other Side! :-) 

What other side?  I started off with CP/M!  :-)  I used to run Cromex
on my Cromemcos!  I ABHOR Windows, though *some* of its 
software is nice.

(There's always *some* redeeming feature...the plethora of free
internet services available under Windows, is its redeeming virtue.
So I'm cheap!  At least I admit it!)

> The problem with "What You See Is What You Get" is that what you see
> is all you've got.                              --Brian Kernighan

Not necessarily -- look at Ventura Publisher, back when it ran
under Gem.  Wonderful program...I could hand-code settings
in the ASCII files, and not worry about the WYSIWYG interface.


     -- Chuck Knight
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