Re: Free CAD (was Re: Staple-less staplers)

Gem was truly that, a gem! It's overhead was pretty low, and features good.
When you did a comparison of Gem to Windows, Gem always came out on top. And
they had a great run-time environment. If you didn't own the gem
environment, your program just installed the run-time. If you got another
Gem app later, it recognized the run-time that was already installed, and
either used it, or updated it. You could also run Gem apps from the DOS
command line, and the app would launch the Gem interface. Windows at the
time automatically installed its runtime under the software's directory if
you didn't have windows, so I had 4 different runtimes installed. And that
just took too much space on my 20 MB hard drive.


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> > > Personally, I find the Windows interface clunky, too...  That's
> > why I was
> > > pleasantly surprised with the command-line interface in
> > IntelliCAD.  You
> >
> > Ah, Chuck has just accurately described what it is that
> > makes Unix and
> > Linux such powerful systems. Welcome to the Other Side! :-)
> What other side?  I started off with CP/M!  :-)  I used to run Cromex
> on my Cromemcos!  I ABHOR Windows, though *some* of its
> software is nice.
> (There's always *some* redeeming feature...the plethora of free
> internet services available under Windows, is its redeeming virtue.
> So I'm cheap!  At least I admit it!)
> > The problem with "What You See Is What You Get" is that what you see
> > is all you've got.                              --Brian Kernighan
> Not necessarily -- look at Ventura Publisher, back when it ran
> under Gem.  Wonderful program...I could hand-code settings
> in the ASCII files, and not worry about the WYSIWYG interface.
> :-)
>      -- Chuck Knight
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