Re: Dome rendering software, and new list topics.

>   Ah, that does it. I had to tweak the source to build on my Debian Linux
> box, but ya gotta love Open Source for this. :-) I can even import the 3D
> dxf files into ACAD3D, which I'm slowly getting the hang of. I just wrote
> a page on the Linux based CAD software I'm using, which is at:
> I'm trying to put as much
> technical info as I can on my web site, as an aid to others.
> 	- rob -
	That link seems to be not working right now. :-(

	I used to have "Dome" running on my Slackware linux system, but no 
longer have the binary for that. I should do the recompile thing for RedHat. 
I've mainly been using it under Windows for the past year, since that's 
where Moray 3D runs. 

	I was even considering trying to write a Moray plugin to Dome, so that 
we *could* import the domes directly into Moray. Right now, you can generate 
POV files from Dome, and from Moray, but you can't get Dome (or POV) into 
Moray. That's why many of my pictures have that "eggshell" dome, to show the 
shape, without any of the geodesic detail. 


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