Re: Homeless in Hong Kong - On the rooftops!

> 	HI Pat, All,  The rooftops might not have the latest in 
> bathrooms but it would not be much work to install a toilet for
> a few bucks into a soil stack (plumbing soil stack/air vent) which
> in most building codes must be vented through the roof.  Water is
> usually available in the "penthouse" mechanical rooms and a simple
> hose could provide water to the "curbside found/discard toilet".
	Yes, I think this would be a technically quite workable solution. But 
from the sound of the report, it seems that the government and police are more 
interested in getting them off the rooftops than in making sure they have 
sanitation. :-(
> 	Hey, don't ask for thoughts if you don't mean it.
> 	Thanks for all your work in providing some great
> 	list groups.  It is a lot of work and you take a
> 	lot of abuse from the non grateful at times who
> 	do not read or save the posts on getting off the
> 	list.  I usually send a personal direct mail to
> 	the remove posts when time allows to try and 
> 	help hold down the copycat removes.  Maybe you
> 	could do a graphic version for those who do not
> 	or cannot read yet;-(  Oh, yeah your mom is
> 	just a few miles from me here in Oswego and as
> 	a result of her post about a Barbie dome and
> 	playdome I have given the problem as an optional
> 	problem in a basic design class were we do a 
> 	bit of Fuller study.  Thanks Emilie!
> 	"Don't let up" RBF, me too...,  john belt

	That's great! I have discussed this with Mom over the years, and I do 
think that aiming toward the youth market is a wise way to win acceptance. 
	And having a playhouse you can set up in the yard is not only fun for 
kids, it's fun for adults, too! (We had quite a bit of fun when we did the 
Corrulite building here almost 2 years back. Gah! Has it really been that 


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