Re: text editors (was: Free CAD...)

> Patrick Salsbury wrote:
> > "Starting from this point, dig down through all the
> > subdirectories, looking through all files ending in
> > '.html' and wherever you find string XYZ, replace 
> > it with PDQ. Oh, and while you're at it, tell me how
> > long it takes."
> If you manage even one Web site, sooner or later you'll have to do 
> something like this.
> BBEdit lets me do this on the Mac. It's a text-editor I use for managing 
> my Web sites (among other things). It will also let me do this not only 
> for files ending with ".html" but, e.g., for all text files within a 
> series of subdirectories... which can be handy if you have a mix of 
> ".html" and ".htm" files, or just text files that all have the same typo 
> -- or "repurposed" product name -- in them. Etc.
> (It can even do grep-like searches....)
> (The motto of Bare Bones Softtware, the company that makes BBEdit, is: 
> "Software that doesn't suck.")
> jmr
	Sounds quite cool. And I like the motto. :-) 

	I just used *.html as an example. You can, of course, do anything to 
any file. 


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