Re: Toruses and Treehouses (was: Interiors)

> Patrick Salsbury wrote:
> >	Another rendering I have planned is a 
> > torus-shaped house that suspends from
> > a giant redwood tree, or a tower, or
> > whatever. I think it would be cool,
> > and the interior wall always curving 
> > away from you would be reminiscent of
> > a space-station. (like in "2001") :-) 
> Pat, I'm interested in this. One of the projects my SO will deign to let 
> me work on, once I've satisfied our immediate housing needs, is an 
> outbuilding that is also a treehouse. I have in mind something held up by 
> one or more of the very tall poplars that grow very straight and close 
> together along the river bottoms close to the cliffs on the land where we 
> plan to settle.
> ould cost?
> jmr
	I still haven't gotten around to rendering one, but it shouldn't be 
that difficult. 
	I also thought about putting in some sort of woven harness that would 
grip the treetrunk like a Chinese Finger-Trap puzzle, so that it wouldn't need 
to spike into a tree or anything. You'd also need to put some vertical stays 
around the trunk, so that nothing fully constricted around it and cut off its 


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