Re: Homeless in Hong Kong - On the rooftops!

> > > a result of her post about a Barbie dome and
> > > playdome I have given the problem as an optional
> > > problem in a basic design class were we do a
> >
> > That's great! I have discussed this with Mom over the years, and I 
> do
> > think that aiming toward the youth market is a wise way to win 
> acceptance.

Sounds reasonable to me.  It's harder to change existing views (adults)
than it is to educate children.

> > And having a playhouse you can set up in the yard is not only fun 
> for
> > kids, it's fun for adults, too! (We had quite a bit of fun when we 

:-)  Hey, we're being honest here.  I like it!

     -- Chuck Knight
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