Paper Houses book

Here's a book I never heard of that someone may be interested in.
Can somebody give us a book review?

 PAPER HOUSES: Build a Livable, Enduring House of Paper.... by
Sheppard, Roger
with Richard Threadgill and John Holmes New York: Schocken Books,
1974. First
Thus. Very Good/ Oversize Softcover In good shape, with just a
bit of soiling and
very light creasing to spine. A part of the Bucky Fuller legacy,
with extensive
diagrams of geodesic designs. (Keywords: geodesic, buckminster
 The price of the book is US$ 16.50 
  Please reference the seller's book # 1181 when ordering.
 To order this book click here:
 The seller is Steven Streufert, Bookseller
 Post Office Box # 78 , Blue Lake, CA, U.S.A., 95525. 
 <mailto:streufert at bigfoot dot com> Ph: 707-668-5030

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