Re: Paper Houses book

I have just received a copy of this book at twice the price!  It is an early
and quite useful guide to building domes, from card.  If you have access to
Dome Book 2, that is a better book, but this is fine if you actually want to
build a cardboard dome.

John Moon,
Geodesics Unlimited.

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> Here's a book I never heard of that someone may be interested in.
> Can somebody give us a book review?
>  PAPER HOUSES: Build a Livable, Enduring House of Paper.... by
> Sheppard, Roger
> with Richard Threadgill and John Holmes New York: Schocken Books,
> 1974. First
> Thus. Very Good/ Oversize Softcover In good shape, with just a
> bit of soiling and
> very light creasing to spine. A part of the Bucky Fuller legacy,
> with extensive
> diagrams of geodesic designs. (Keywords: geodesic, buckminster
> fuller)
>  The price of the book is US$ 16.50
>   Please reference the seller's book # 1181 when ordering.
>  To order this book click here:
>  The seller is Steven Streufert, Bookseller
>  Post Office Box # 78 , Blue Lake, CA, U.S.A., 95525.
>  <mailto:streufert at bigfoot dot com> Ph: 707-668-5030

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