Re: Double Domestead

This went through at the commencement of my 2-week vacation in
Hawai'i, (which was great, BTW. First night there we stayed at a
little Bed & Breakfast that was off-the-grid for power & water. The
whole neighborhood used rain catchment, Only wires to the houses were
for phones.) Lots of wonderful things there, and I'll probably be
posting more as I catch up on things. 

So, Rob, did you decide to buy this place? Sounds wonderful!


>   Since the list has been slow, I thought I'd tell folks about this
> beautiful domestead I checked out this week. I'm considering buying it
> to live in. It was built in 1980 at 8800 feet near Ward, CO, (west
> of Boulder) by some um, "indoor farmers", so the power system is
> pretty beefy. :-) At one point the place had 40 batteries! It's a big
> cedar shingled 36 foot dome connected by a short hallway to a 40 foot
> dome. Both have a loft. This house is 100% off the grid (3 miles from
> the nearest power line), and has seperate greywater and drinking water
> systems and composting toilets. There is propane backup throughout, with
> seperate 120V, 12V, and 24V systems. The 24V is to run all the lights,
> which is the way to go. The main downside is the place hasn't been very
> well maintained but that's what has made the price so reasonable for
> me... My main headache is figuring out how to get an IP connection there
> though... It's obviously time to go wireless somehow. (except this place
> is seriously in the middle of nowhere)
>   I figure if I replace some of the dead batteries (it's down to 8), I
> shouldn't have a real problem powering my computer collection. (there is
> also a propane generator for backup, plus a wind generator) If I go for
> this place, I'm sure it's gonna be a project, so there will be something
> more to talk about on the list. :-)
> 	- rob -

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