Street Spirit - Homeless-sold newspaper

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Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 21:58:12 -0700
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From: Patrick Salsbury <salsbury at sculptors dot com>
To: domesteading
Subject: Street Spirit - Homeless-sold newspaper

I bought a copy of the June, 2000 issue of "Street Spirit" ($1) from a
homeless guy in Berkeley last night. I'm not sure if they have something
like this in other cities, but the sell them a lot in the North San
Francisco Bay Area. I tend to pick them up fairly regularly.

It's full of interesting interviews, stories, fiction, poetry, and politics 
surrounding the issues of homelessness in the Bay Area, and this issue also 
talks a lot about Southern California. It's also a great way to keep track
of the local politics and issues going on between local government, the
police, and the homeless folks. It discusses social services, shelters, the 
problems that gentrification are causing in the loss of low-cost hotels
(SRO's or Single Room Occupancy places) and other affordable housing, etc. 

I highly recommend checking this out if you see a homeless person selling
them. Not only does it help them out, and provide them with funding for a
service they provide (rather than just giving them a handout), but it's
hugely informative. 

It may end up being the best dollar you spend all week.


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