Re: Thought experiment

> Ok, we all know (or at least believe) that the dome is strong, 
> light,
> flexible, and amazing.
> But could a large (very large? Small?) dome be made into a type of 
> self
> sufficient Atol (floating island) 
> that trolls the ocean.  

How do you want to use the dome?  Do you want to use it as the 
underlying structure, or as the cabin?

A dome is simple enough to build...make a model! self-sufficient are we talking?  Self contained ecosystem,
capable of *total* self-sufficiency, or is it okay to still trade with
"outside world?"

> the electricity  you need and then some.  Eggbeater style rotors or 

Do you mean Voith-Schneider props for propulsion?  They are used
on tugboats, a lot.  They provide 360 degree control...vectored
thrust, with rather simple equipment.  A nice technology...not sure
about their efficiency, though.

> What I'm most concerned with in this idea is weathering storms.

Even natural islands have a hard time weathering storms without
damage.  One possibility is to enclose it completely, like a giant
terrarium.  That way, it wouldn't matter, even if a tidal wave 
completely covered it in water briefly -- so long as the wave didn't 
compromise its structural integrity.

Otherwise, if it was built big enough, anything less than tidal waves 
could be shrugged off.  Its "beach" could absorb the damage, limiting 
damage to a "narrow" strip around the edge.

> Anyway, I'm a halfway decent 3D modeler, And I kinda want to "build" 
> this thing.  So any ideas would be appreciated.

Bucky's concept for a floating city was that of a giant tetrahedron.  In
the center is the industrial complex -- the outside "skin" provided 
views for housing, and space for limited agriculture.  The terraced outer

skin prevents a potential disaster...falling out of your balcony, and
to your death.  You'd just fall a floor or two at most -- you'd be hurt,
not too badly.

His concept was appx 1 mile on a side, if memory serves.  But it wasn't
meant for total self-sufficiency.  It was meant to house 1 million people
inside Tokyo Bay...that type of thing.  It was a city...

     -- Chuck Knight
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