Re: Hub for a stick dome

> I've obtained a grant from the UK Department of Trade and Industry 
> to
> develop a stick dome hub and a 10 metre marquee using it, but I'm 
> yet to be
> convinced that this design is really going to work.

John -- I just checked out your web site.  Simple, but attractive.  Nice 
job.  But, to be honest, it could use some pictures of your completed 
projects.  I'd like to see what your company makes...  :-)  Simply 
describing Platonic and Archimedean solids probably doesn't "do it"
for those of us who don't already know what they are.

It appears that you are located in the UK.  So that language is not a
barrier, what precisely is a marquee?  Taken from your descriptions,
it seems to be some sort of sales kiosk or "booth."  In the States, a
marquee is a sign -- the sign with the movie's name on it, above the
entrance to the cinema, usually.

> this, if it's going to be manufactured and put out for public use, 
> must be
> safe.  I'm not convinced it is.  I shall probably generate a 
> prototype to
> check it out as it is a very neat and pretty design in principle.

I've prototyped a connector, and it seems to work sufficiently well to
hold in the strut ends.  Down side -- it has a definite "up."  The struts
fall out if the thing is turned upside down, before the cap piece is
inserted.  It's not a big problem, and it's certainly nothing that's even
difficult to solve...but my previous description, as it stands, does 
posess a flaw.

My other design suggestion...the "screw it into preexisting articulated
sockets" suggestion...seems to be more absolutely foolproof.  But it'd
require at least 1 additional assembly step for the connector.

Not a big deal for automated production lines, but it would increase the
cost marginally.

I'll try to send some scans of my ideas to Pat, or put it on my own site,
for all to see.

     -- Chuck Knight
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