Re: Hubs n' Stuff

> Can you describe the BNC cable connector?  I don't know these.

Do you have a computer network?  Most networks today are Ethernet,
and are referred to as 10BaseT.  They use telephone cord.  (At least
it looks like phone cord)

Another cable option, which has been around even longer, is a coax
cable.  The generic name was ThinNet.  The connector used is referred
to as a BNC connector.  The part on the card is a cylindrical piece, with

2 "bars" sticking out the sides.  The part on the end of the cable fits
this pushes on, against a spring.  Then it gets turned 1/4
and is allowed to "pop" out a little bit...this locks it rather firmly
into place,
with almost no chance of coming apart accidentally.  This is *why* it's
used for network connections.

The design is a proven connector, which works exceedingly well.  A
minimal amount of redesign, to convert it from a coaxial cable connector
to a strut end connector, and it'd be easy to use.

Maybe I'll pick some up on my next trip to Fry's, and play with them.

I can see that my digital camera and I will be busy for
some pictures of this stuff, either tonight or tomorrow.  I'll post a URL
when it's up.

     -- Chuck Knight
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