Re: BNC (was: Hubs n' Stuff)

> I think you could dispense with most of the BNC complications and 
> implement it as a very simplified screw thread.

I can purchase screw on BNC connectors at Fry's for under $2 each.  
(It screws onto the end of the RG58 cable, rather than crimping or
soldering on)  This would make connection to a conventional strut (for 
prototyping) very simple.  

For production, BNC connectors are a common module capable of 
being integrated into many packages.  Nothing wrong with putting it 
onto the end of a "stick."  It'd be simple enough to use for this

No real complications involved...having to design molds and mass 
produce custom, internally threaded pieces isn't a "snap" either.  I'm 
just suggesting an off the shelf part that doesn't introduce problems, 
as does a threaded connector.

My main concern would be lateral loading of the BNC connector, and 
how it would hold up.

     -- Chuck Knight
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