More disturbing statistics...

Or perhaps promising statistics, if you consider that we hope to build 
affordable housing...

I just heard on NPR today that California's statewide median price for a new 
house is roughly $260,000, and that in the SF Bay Area, it's more like 
$430,000 or so. (Might be higher, I'm not sure.) 

They apparently have an "affordable housing index", measuring how many families 
can afford to purchase a new house. Last year in May, it was 37%, and this 
year, it's fallen to 29%, in the SF Bay Area. 

Even more disturbing, the index is 10% in San Francisco, itself. Meaning that 
90% of the people living in San Francisco cannot afford to buy a new house at 
the current rates.

Affordable housing, anyone? 

(Renting in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which is the most affordable area in the 
SF Bay Area. Getting what I think is a good deal for here, but which is 
ludicrous for anywhere else. But living in a dome, which is definitely worth 
something. ;^)  )

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