Re: More disturbing statistics...

 	i liv ein sf.  my friend recently bought a house, priced at
	$879k.  to get it, he had to bid $1.7m.  three levels, view,
	2 bedrooms with sort of an office on the first floor.  still,
	super spendy.  the delores corridor has increased $125k every
	six months.  people who grew up here and went away to college
	cannot even afford to rent when they come back.  sf is cool
	and the multimedia industry is really attractive but please 
	folks, stop moving here, ok?  the dome i found to buy is 
	200 miles from here.  that's where i can afford to buy it.

	speaking of, i still relaly need help inspecting it.  that's
	right - i need to hire a dome-savvy housing inspector, and
	will appreciate any leads.

	the house is 2500 sq feet, 42.5 foot diameter, three levels.
	abotu 15 years old, and sees a pretty decent snow load.  i
	want to go into esccrow soon, so it's a pressing issue.

On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, Patrick Salsbury wrote:

]Or perhaps promising statistics, if you consider that we hope to build 
]affordable housing...
]I just heard on NPR today that California's statewide median price for a new 
]house is roughly $260,000, and that in the SF Bay Area, it's more like 
]$430,000 or so. (Might be higher, I'm not sure.) 
]They apparently have an "affordable housing index", measuring how many families 
]can afford to purchase a new house. Last year in May, it was 37%, and this 
]year, it's fallen to 29%, in the SF Bay Area. 
]Even more disturbing, the index is 10% in San Francisco, itself. Meaning that 
]90% of the people living in San Francisco cannot afford to buy a new house at 
]the current rates.
]Affordable housing, anyone? 
](Renting in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which is the most affordable area in the 
]SF Bay Area. Getting what I think is a good deal for here, but which is 
]ludicrous for anywhere else. But living in a dome, which is definitely worth 
]something. ;^)  )

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