Review: "The History (and Mystery) of the Universe" (A Play)

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From: Patrick Salsbury <salsbury at bootstrap dot sculptors dot com>

I just went to see this play with some friends on Tues, July 11, 2000 in San
Francisco, CA. It's a one-man-show featuring the works and thoughts of Bucky
Fuller, as performed by Ron Campbell and Written/Directed by D.W. Jacobs. (Full
details (currently) at: ) 

Overall, I found the show to be fantastic. Primarily because of the ideas 
presented, and the way in which they were presented. Ron plays Bucky, 
narrating his own life-story, and introducing folks to the Big Picture, as 
well as the Small Details that make Bucky so fascinating. 

One of the things I found very rewarding was the way in which Ron portrayed
Bucky. He really had the mannerisms and linguistic patterns down quite well.
His diction was clear, and more easily understandable than Bucky tends to be in
his older years, as shown in various videos and recordings. Yet Ron manages to 
also convey the style and feel of Bucky in a very real and believable way. 
Having never seen Bucky talk live, I have only the audio 
recordings and videos to go by, but I could completely identify with the 
characterization. In fact, at numerous times, I found myself quite happy to 
"let go" and just "be" at a Bucky lecture. I understood that it was a 
performer, but the message was true, the pacing was true, and even the accent 
came across, so it was quite a realistic experience. 

The scope that was covered was also impressive. It hit upon all the major 
points of Bucky's teaching. Certainly, while it was only 2 or 2.5 hours, and 
thus much shorter than a typical Bucky lecture (*grin*), it did hit on many of 
his major areas and interests. 

The show is very info-dense. Even though I implicitly understood almost 
everything that was being said (after having studied him for close to a dozen 
years) I still found myself "glazing over" at times, due to the sheer volume 
of the ideas presented. This is a show I could happily see twice, or even 
three times, without a problem. If there is a video, I'd most likely buy it, 
(even though I already own 5 Bucky vids.) 

(If you're planning to attend this show, let me know. Only a very slight bit of 
arm-twisting will convince me to go again, and again.)

	Also of note, on the 4 Sundays of this plays' Run (Jul 16, 23, 30, and 
Aug 6), there will be afternoon seminars featuring Allegra Fuller Snyder 
(Bucky's Daughter), Jaime Snyder (Bucky's Grandson), Victoria Vesna, Jay 
Baldwin (Author of "BuckyWorks" and student of Bucky's), and Richard Muller. 
Full details are available on the Foghouse site.

	Overall, I found the show to be quite a wonderful evening. Obviously, I'm
biased, being a Bucky-fan, but at the same time, I'd like to think of myself as
a connoisseur of Bucky-related things, and having seen numerous videos and
films of him, as well as listening to him on various audio recordings and
having read about 20 of his books, I really must commend Ron Campbell on his
portrayal. He really does seem to capture it. (Of course, for those of you
who've actually seen Bucky live, I'd love to hear your perceptions...)

In short, here's my recommendation:

If you're a Bucky-head:
	-And you live within 100 miles radius of San Francisco, you should be 
at this show. No questions asked.
	-Within 250 miles, you should seriously consider taking a long weekend 
or something similar and coming to see this show.
	-Outside of 250 miles, you should either be planning a rather devoted 
trip, or be supremely jealous. :-)

If you're not a Bucky-head, but are curious, then see above, just subtract the 
fanatical devotion. :-) It will be well worth the journey.

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